Thursday, November 1, 2007


Well it was a great Halloween in Bridgetown. We all gathered at the Raymond House. We had a dog, a cop, a pink lady, spider woman, Helmut Newton, Pippy Long Stocking, Smokey the Bear, a horse and cat women. The party starts in the backyard jump-ropes, hula hoops and soccer balls. Once the backyard was a wreck we continued to thrash the inside of the house, ate dinner and then hit the streets. We trick n treated around Nicoles hood then moved over to the sunnyside hood where the action was packed. After numerous houses we settled in with a piece of licorice each and the kids had lollipops in which we timed for two minutes. We watched Eden go crazy and crazy and crazy. They finally crashed and so did we .....This was the first real halloween and we can't wait till the next year.

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The Fairy Godfather said...

Hey have you by chance seen the score of the PSU vs UM game. I shall use the quote that so many teams that have played the Griz use: ......"wait till next year!"
That's kinda like "free beer tommorrow." Not gonna happen next year either! I might be coming out to Stumptown in the near future to pick up a painting. Remind me to hold ya down and do the chinese water torture like the big brother you never had! Better yet, I will send my big brother Phil (the love machine) over to teach ya some good morals, and to administer the chinese torture. You will be screaming "I love Seattle! from the top of your rain filled lungs!